Free Tuition Center Underprivileged Children

Taught in small batches, children of daily wage earners mostly, and of all age groups learn with the help of our volunteers and receive help with homework. Our expert volunteers also identify students with potential in various fields such as medicine, art, civil services, law or engineering, and encourage them to take up professional courses. We provide coaching for the competitive exams. In line with this, we offer NEET / JEE training for free through the multiple center's. we have established across Coimbatore. One of our biggest achievements is the prevention of school dropout and truancy.
During Covid, online classes were streamed through Zoom and SVSK helped maintain continuity in education through interactive sessions.

Dharmic Centre

We realise we have a huge responsibility towards protecting our environment. To achieve pollution-free living, our volunteers educate the community about how crucial it is to preserve our environment for our future generations. We generate awareness about ‘green’ products and the proper way to dispose of non-recyclable materials. Our volunteers teach the community of the importance of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, and to cut down and find new uses for waste, recycle waste.
Educating people on the benefits of dharmic products such as kumkum and cleansing material used in homams. The centre also teaches enthusiasts to prepare health products such as hair oil withplants, herbs and roots, and hygienic soaps free of chemicals.
People are introduced to the traditional lifestyle and the encouraged to appreciate sustainable living.

Swami Vivekananda Blood Centre, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore

Started by few industrialists and doctors, the centre offers free blood for people below poverty line. Those who wish to pay and support our effort can pay a nominal fee. The centre, which has provided 1,000 units of blood until now, supports thalassaemia children for free. Beyond this, the centre makes available life-saving blood components like platelet and plasma by extracting them from whole blood stock. Those keen to donate blood and play a role in this noble cause, please donate blood voluntarly on a regular basis or you could sponcer a person for Rs: 1000/- per bag.

Beyond School

We have helped students secure admission to government colleges of their choice and have raised funds to pay their fees.

Free Polyclinic

About 20 doctors established the polyclinic and take turns to run it between 9am and 5pm. With a team of specialists, a nurse, a physiotherapist and a clinic manager, the polyclinic has treated nearly 3,000 outpatients, and operated on 600 patients. Patients are provided free medication and are not charged consultation fee.

UPSC Training Academy, Race Course, Coimbatore

Sambavi Sankalp is a training academy for civil service aspirants. A tie-up with Sankalp UPSC Academy in Delhi facilitates real time remote learning. Teachers in Delhi connect with students through a large screen at the academy.
On payment of a nominal charge, students receive 800 hours of training for the exams and gain access to recordings of the online teaching, and acquire a unique student identity number.
We have a library that is well-stocked with books and reference material that are immensely helpful in the preparation for the UPSC exams.
This initiative is sponsored by Karthiyayeni Janani Trust and Montbleu Technologies, Coimbatore.
The academy has witnessed a steady enrolment of aspirants, with bright students from lower strata of the society joining the list.

COVID -2019: Seva Activity

FOOD DISTRIBUTION: We distributed food to 25000 people in coimbatore. during lock down.
KABASURA HEAKTH DRINK DISTRIBUTION: Distributed to 1,42000 people in coimbatore.
COVID AWARENESS & COVID VACCINATION DRIVES: Door to door campaign to break the myths about the covid vaccine. Started vaccination drive in tribal belts and slums. Reached 20,000 houses.
SELF PROTECTION KITS: distributed PPE kits / Masks / Gloves / Sanitizer to 1000 front line workers.
RATION KITS: Distributed to 600 families and 150 disabled families. 21 food items in each kit.
BABY FOOD DISTRIBUTION: baby food powder was given to 150 children weekly for 2 ,months,
24X7 Helpline for Covid patients admitted in hospital and connecting to their family by phone. In total we handled 2000 phone calls. Procured regular prescription medicines to 120 patients during lock down. Helped 80 covid patients to get oxygen bed admission in hospitals during second wave of covid.
PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR DISTRIBUTION TO PATIENTS: so that they can be discharged home and free the oxygen bed for the next needy patient.
100 - O2 CYLINDER BIG CAPACITY OXYGEN GENERATOR donated to local hospital to ease O2 demand during second wave.
FREE AMBULANCE SERVICE: Only for transporting Covid Patients to hospital and home.
CREMATION ASSISTANCE: Our volunteers cremated covid dead
AYUSH 64 MEDICINE: Distributed to patients in need.

300 Bed Covid Isolation Inpatient Ward, Kongunadu college, Coimbatore.

600 Patients were taken as inpatients for a period of 2 weeks, 60 volunteers looked after them in rotation duty. 2 in house doctors and 8 nurses did round the clock duty. Psychiatrist did telephone counselling to patients and family members twice weekly. A bus fitted with oxygen cylinders provided O2 to patients till they found oxygen bed in a hospital.